These sessions will be held at the Hotel International, Prague, Czech Republic.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015 (18:00-20:00)

AutoGOLE Demo

Gerben van Malenstein, SURFnet

Infiniband over Long Distance

Yves Poppe, A*STAR

International SDXs

Joe Mambretti & Jim Chen, Northwestern University

Will showcase the capabilities of International Software Defined Networking Exchanges (iSDXs) with Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) extensions to support highly programmable global communication services across multiple network domains. SDXs enable multiple SDN- and non-SDN domains to interoperate, providing capabilities for dynamic provisioning in real time that enable applications, edge processes and even individuals to directly control core resources.

Real-time advanced media and data streaming from a remote controlled robotic vehicle

Sven Ubik, CESNET

Attendees will be able to navigate a robotic vehicle in a remote location. The vehicle will send high-quality video and data from environment sensors including distance to surrounding objects and CO2 levels. High quality video (e.g. 4K or 3D HD formats) complemented with powerful image analysis can enable detailed recognition of dangerous environments from anywhere in the world.

SDN Driven Media Switching

Jan Ruzicka & Milos Liska, CESNET

Demonstration of orchestration in 4K media flows.

Software Defined Advanced Network Services for Experiments

Azher Mughal, Caltech

The computing and analysis needs for future LHC Runs, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), Square Kilometre Array and other science fields requires a rethinking of data transfer protocols, tools, and specialized hardware. This demonstration aims to provide a specialized set of highly dense systems (FDT or FIONA) and network resources that can read and write from storage close to the line rate performance of 100 Gb/s. The systems will use control plane signalling software to create paths over multiple available backbones which will either be Internet2 AL2S or ESnet ANA-200G, with real-time monitoring provided by MonALISA.